The Think-A-Torium is an evolutionary step forward in the advancement of group forums and keynote presentations. By leveraging the power of large scale visuals, story, metaphor, and group wisdom, participants are inspired to think differently accelerating their understanding of the critical issues that are impacting their future goals and objectives.

Which Think-A-Torium® Will You Choose For Your Next Event?

What Box?® — Out-of-the-Box Thinking for Career and Life
IMGP5890_2It is time to burn the box and move beyond out-of-the-box thinking into What Box? thinking. “The only boxes that exist are the ones you create yourself,” says Sean Griffin. Learn creativity tools that will support individuals and groups to think different and discover the place where they can truly reach for their full potential. This special program will inspire participants to think more deeply about their unlimited potential, experiment with their unlimited reservoir of creativity and become more aligned with their passions and purpose in life. Go ahead and let the journey begin.

Visual Thinking and Communication – Drawing Out Your Best
It was Picasso who said we are all born artists – the challenge is to stay one. Everyone can draw and in this Think-A-Torium we will dust off creativity and drawing skills locked up since after kindergarten. Visual thinking is not a new idea, but is a 40,000 year-old proven process to accelerate goals and objectives. Learn the skills to draw outside the lines and achieve the success you know is possible. You can literally draw out your best. This Think-A-Torium will help you do it!

Innovation on Demand
Innovation used to be a luxury, today it has become a necessity. Anyone and any organization can be innovative. One of the common threads among innovators is the ability to learn from failure, to apply this new knowledge, and think differently about current business challenges. This Think-A-Torium will lift the curtain on innovation and share the process of innovation and apply these lessons to any organizational or individual objective. Innovation happens when a culture of innovation is embraced. What innovation is inside of you and your organization? Now is the time to set it free!

Going Green – What’s Old is New . . . Again
IMGP0636_2Seems like everyone is talking about going green, but what does it mean and how can we as individuals and businesses take meaningful steps to be green? Now that being green has moved from trend to mainstream, it’s no longer enough to be passionate and sincere. What will it take to differentiate the “true blue” green people and companies from the Johnnies-come-lately? This Think-A-Torium shares approachable and easily understood methods to “going green” that are low cost and high value. Learn about our globally and locally changing landscape and get ready to be inspired in powerful ways that uncover strategies to thrive in the growing green economy.

The Seeker – Discovering and Living Your Life’s Purpose
Everyone is born with a purpose in life. The challenge for each of us is to move beyond the day-to-day struggles of life and, in contrast, focus our energy on our passions and possibilities for a more meaningful life. This Think-A-Torium inspires people of all ages and businesses of any size to start thinking and focusing on what is possible, enabling them to discover and align with their passions and purpose in life. Never before in history have so many been positioned to become “seekers’ of meaning and purpose. Time is ticking, what are you waiting for?

Inventing the Future — Wake Up! The World has Changed
IMGP1905What kind of future do you want to create? Never before in the history of man have there been so many opportunities and challenges in which to adapt. The fact is that the future is here and in the now. Learn what is happening on a global scale and how to embrace these global transformations. Learn how to think different about our world and how we as individuals and organizations can think more globally and act more locally. It is the imperative for our future successes and relevance that we take brutally honest and realistic views of our changing world and then apply these lessons to our business and personal endeavors. What kind of future do you want to create? This Think-A-Torium will change your perceptions of our world.

Running a Business in a Difficult Economy – Getting Back to Basics
There are more opportunities than ever to grow and expand business. The challenge is to move past the fear and negative emotion created by the external environment and media. This is the exact environment where you can take strategic advantage and get things done that are more difficult in good economic times. In this Think-A-Torium we will focus on business purpose and core strengths, along with back-to-basics techniques that will position your business to leverage current opportunities and maximize the turn-around. This is the time to expand your horizons and grow business.

Extraordinary Customer Service
The only true competitive advantage today is customer service. Going beyond what is expected and delivering that extraordinary value is critical to business success today. Every day is an opportunity to grow and maintain your customer base or risk losing it. Customer loyalty is a thing of the past because you are only as good as your last interaction. This Think-A-Torium shares the power of relationship and consultative customer service. Enhance your business culture through the integration of extraordinary customer service.

Economic Development in a Disruptive Age
IMGP6076When it comes to economic development nothing is more valuable than meaningful relationships, partnerships and collaborations. The world has shifted and every city and community is looking to attract and retain business. Your regional advantage is your greatest strength. Learn how to focus on building and expanding your regional advantage. This Think-A-Torium will share highly evolved techniques to build and grow meaningful relationships that increase in value over time through collaboration and partnerships that are all about increasing the abundance of everyone. You will not look at economic development the same again.

Give it Away to Get it Back Sales
Welcome to the new business model . . . again. To maximize sales you have to maximize relationships and to maximize relationships you have to be willing to add value beyond what it is you are selling. Learn how to grow and sustain sales through having a servant heart, embracing an agenda to help. Learn to focus on others and not yourself, be genuine and solve people’s pain, the entrepreneurial spirit, people-connecting and being a Possibilitarian. The more you give away the more you will get back. It is time to give it away to get it back!