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Why Build-A-Business?

Build-A-Business in 3-Hours is an active learning-by-doing online program that facilitates beginner to intermediate level business builders through designing, testing, and building a revenue-generating business rapidly.

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  • Why Build-A-Business in 3 Hours?
Coaching, Strategies and Graphically Facilitated Solutions
for Businesses, Individuals, Corporations and VIPs


Through my visual coaching sessions, I provide you with the tools and innovative thinking that measurably grows personal value.



My real-time visualization skills unlock innovation, increase collaboration, problem solving and collective action that accelerates goal achievement.


I work with you and your team to embrace and manage fuzziness, ambiguity and uncertainty, turning it to your advantage.


I support you to align teams and partners to better understand the value of their role, energizing collective action, aligning resources…

I support you to play on the edges.
Everything interesting happens at the edges.
I work with you to invent the future while avoiding being disrupted by it.


Sean’s Business Coaching Results

Based upon 35K+ business 1-on-1 and group coaching sessions
with completed post-coaching surveys


Identified Improved Business Model


Visuals Accelerated Design, Strategy & Execution

Increased Innovation & Entrepreneurial Mindset

Improved Mentoring
& Management Capabilities

Increased Revenue & Organizational Performance

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